Responsible construction of the boiler room is made of high strength steel, treated with anti-corrosion coating. The total weight of the structure is 90 tons. Welds are made in accordance with the quality EN ISO 3834 requirements have been tested on ultrasonic equipment according to customer requirements – «CITIC Constriction»

The crown on the roof of office buildings is made of high-strength steel using hot-dip galvanizing. Welds are made according to the requirements of EN ISO 3834. The weight of one crown is 38 tons.

The frame for the decorative facade of the restaurant building is made of high-strength galvanized (hot-dip galvanized) steel. Welds are made according to the requirements of EN ISO 3834 The total weight of the installed structure is 44 tons.

The constructions of the Plant of Super Concentrates and Premixes are made by the company Prodom in strict accordance with the design decision.

Bunker designs with elements for pumping raw materials into tanks

Station for unloading railway cars of the Plant Super Concentrates and Premixes

Structural parts and free-standing structures of the Super Concentrate and Premix Plant